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This idea has been on the back burner a long time, and now, I wish I’d moved on it sooner.
I had a long list of excuses why the time wasn’t right; it was big and complicated, I didn’t know how to start, I couldn’t afford it. 
None of this is any less true now, but this needs to happen.
I do have a bit of an idea how to start now, at least, and it isn’t quite so bad if I focus on one step at a time!

The Project:

IndieGen.XYZ is a virtual indie entertainment/pop culture con filled with booths from professional independent creators. It combines elements of a curated search engine and an online RPG to simulate the experience of browsing at a con. It will be easily searchable and friendly to casual browsers, and free to use. 

The site will start out pretty basic, but the highest priority is making it easy to find whatever you want. The barriers to creating professional, high quality entertainment have dropped so low with the advent of new technologies in every field! Independent creators can – and are – creating stories and art in every media at levels big entertainment industries couldn’t even dream of 20 years ago!

Now, the internet can connect us with anything and anyone, and that has opened up a new venue for us to find and get anything in existence.

The trouble is, everything is on the internet, and the first dozen pages of every search are cluttered with big corporations with more advertising dollars than decent stories, and also with creators more comfortable with promotion than with honing their art. The independent creators who spend every waking moment creating are overlooked. 

Right now, most of us in the USA, and also the world, are housebound. Our events where we would ordinarily find these creators are cancelled or postponed.

Small shops can’t open, and without any traffic, they have no revenue.

Maybe they’ll never open again.

We would love to visit and support them, but we just can’t. 

Meanwhile, we’re going stir-crazy at home.

I can’t just sit here and let this happen. I don’t know how big of an impact I can make or even if I can get it off the ground, but I’ve got somebody willing to help me build the site if I can pay for the hosting and put a deposit down to get him started. I’ve bought the domain IndieGen.xyz for it – I’ve had this name in mind so long and I was so happy it was still available when I looked it up! I’ll tell you the story behind it and what it means to me sometime.

If you can help at all, I’d be so, so grateful. Use hashtag IndieGenXYZ , get people looking forward to it, let me know of the best indie creators in Books, Comics, Games, Video (YouTube channels and Indie Animation!) who might like a booth, and if you have a couple dollars to throw in toward it, hit the Donate button below.

​Thanks so much! And I’ll see you at IndieGenXYZ!

(While the aforementioned donate button is still on my original blog post, I’m launching an Indiegogo campaign as the primary source of funding for this project. This will help me keep my bookkeeping straight.)