Vision and Boundaries

What? Boundaries on what will link to? But creators are free people who value freedom of expression and there’s no truly objective measure of art, right? The honest answer lies somewhere between “not exactly” and “flat-out wrong.” In order to break out of the creator bubble and reach a wider audience, we have to […]

This Needs to Exist is small now, but it’s growing. We’re reaching out and finding more media, more genres, and more awesome entertainment so that there truly will be something for everyone. We can’t rely on big platforms to give our indie creators a level playing field. They’re all too invested in engineering the outcomes they want. Here, […]

Load-in Day… the first of many is loading in new booths! OtherRealm Studio is presenting our online creator con – usually around here comic cons are put on by comic shops, and trade shows are put on by trade associations, so OtherRealm Studio has founded and is running this one. It’s an interesting process. Getting indie creators together is like […]