I say visibility, and indie creators hear “exposure.”

I can’t blame them. “Exposure” is a leading cause of death after all. The most common victim is hope. Hope doesn’t tend to stick around after being ruthlessly exploited to scam creators out of their hard-earned cash.

IndieGen.xyz isn’t offering “exposure.” It’s offering a table in a marketplace, and here’s the difference: Exposure is just throwing your name out to whoever passes by at random, like a tiny listing among a thousand other tiny listings with nothing in common.

This is “exposure:”


Exposure is worthless. The chances of some random passerby finding your work and choosing to buy it are infinitesimal. Nobody just wanders around hoping the next thing they want to buy will come slap them upside the head.

What people will do, however, is go to one place that offers specifically the sort of thing they’re looking for and shop. They may browse everything available, or they may want to save time and search for what they want more precisely. They’re already thinking about buying and they already have at least a vague idea of what they want.

IndieGen.xyz puts you in a searchable marketplace made for people to shop in. The shoppers are already warmed up and primed to buy. Maybe they want to support small businesses and indie creators. Maybe they want something unique that whoever they’re buying it for doesn’t already have. Maybe they want to discover the next big new trend.

The other reason that IndieGen.xyz isn’t “exposure” is that I’m not charging for booths. I’m not harvesting info. There are no third-party ads. No pop-ups. No percentage of sales. I did not put a single thing I hate on this site.

How do I expect to make money without skimming for the service? The same way I expect the rest of the vendors to make money – by selling to the shoppers. All of us gathered here will generate the spotlight we need to attract people to shop among our offers. It’ll take time, and variety, and all of us bringing our best – and I believe we can do it.

It’s an experiment, and I think it’s worth trying.

I hope you do too.

Apply here for your own booth and let’s find out what we can do.


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