What is “Independently Generated Entertainment?”

What counts as “independently generated entertainment?” What kinds of creators and businesses are eligible for a booth? Creator-Owned Intellectual Property Are you self-publishing? Are you in a non-exclusive, limited-time, or profit-sharing partnership with a publisher? If your work still belongs to you and you’re just renting out some of the rights to someone else to […]


The world can be an ugly place. I’m not going to go into detail, because all you have to do is look around to find it. Terrible things can and do happen, all over. This is a broken and fallen world, populated by broken and fallen people. But, the world can also be beautiful. It […]

Vision and Boundaries

What? Boundaries on what IndieGen.xyz will link to? But creators are free people who value freedom of expression and there’s no truly objective measure of art, right? The honest answer lies somewhere between “not exactly” and “flat-out wrong.” In order to break out of the creator bubble and reach a wider audience, we have to […]


I say visibility, and indie creators hear “exposure.” I can’t blame them. “Exposure” is a leading cause of death after all. The most common victim is hope. Hope doesn’t tend to stick around after being ruthlessly exploited to scam creators out of their hard-earned cash. IndieGen.xyz isn’t offering “exposure.” It’s offering a table in a […]

This Needs to Exist

IndieGen.xyz is small now, but it’s growing. We’re reaching out and finding more media, more genres, and more awesome entertainment so that there truly will be something for everyone. We can’t rely on big platforms to give our indie creators a level playing field. They’re all too invested in engineering the outcomes they want. Here, […]

Load-in Day… the first of many

IndieGen.xyz is loading in new booths! OtherRealm Studio is presenting our online creator con – usually around here comic cons are put on by comic shops, and trade shows are put on by trade associations, so OtherRealm Studio has founded and is running this one. It’s an interesting process. Getting indie creators together is like […]

Sweeping the floor & setting up tables

Welcome to IndieGen.xyz! We’re still setting up, but you can take a stroll through the Browse Booths section if you like and get familiar with the site. To your left, you see an empty convention space and a single booth for the convention itself. Above the as-yet-unfilled aisles, you have a menu of options to […]

Welcome to IndieGen.XYZ!

My hope is that IndieGen.XYZ will be the rising tide that lifts the individual ships of local talent and small businesses in the entertainment industry, and the first stop for everyone across America who wants to find new stories they will love.