Load-in Day… the first of many

IndieGen.xyz is loading in new booths!

OtherRealm Studio is presenting our online creator con – usually around here comic cons are put on by comic shops, and trade shows are put on by trade associations, so OtherRealm Studio has founded and is running this one. It’s an interesting process. Getting indie creators together is like herding cats, but a few early folk are coming in.

We now have added miscellaneous tags! Vendors are encouraged to also submit a list of keywords separated by commas that I can copy and paste in. These can be subgenres, creator names, series names, featured items, genre tropes, and I’m testing out tags that begin with “iyl” and “aso.” These stand for “If You Loved” and “As Seen On,” respectively, and you can try searching for an indie project like the mainstream hit you loved or projects that you missed on a crowdfunding site. These are hidden from the actual main listing to cut down on clutter. So “iyl inuyasha” will give you a result with similarities to Inuyasha. “aso kickstarter” will give you a project previously on Kickstarter, etc. Of course this relies on the creators including their tags on their applications, but it’s a fun idea.

Keep checking back! And if you want to be listed, please Apply Here!

One thought on “Load-in Day… the first of many

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    TJ Marquis
    April 28, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    You’re killing it!

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