What is “Independently Generated Entertainment?”

What counts as “independently generated entertainment?” What kinds of creators and businesses are eligible for a booth?

Creator-Owned Intellectual Property

Are you self-publishing? Are you in a non-exclusive, limited-time, or profit-sharing partnership with a publisher? If your work still belongs to you and you’re just renting out some of the rights to someone else to help you get it published or distributed, you have independently generated work.

Even if the only link you can supply to buy it goes to Amazon, if it’s yours, you can sell it.

Team-Created Works

Did your project require you to hire or collaborate with other creators? Most do! You are still operating independently of the major publishers and studios that comprise the mainstream.

Small Press, Publisher, or Studio

Do you work with individual creators on a non-exclusive, limited-time, or profit-sharing partnership to release and sell their work? Great! You are providing support and services to independent creators. You are eligible for a virtual booth too.

Local Retailer

Are you an owner of a comics or games shop that stocks indie-created merchandise? Are you not part of a national chain of stores? Congratulations, you can have a booth too!

If you are not WalMart, Amazon, HarperCollins, Disney, DC, or any similarly-sized corporation, or selling work that is the property of any similarly-sized corporation, chances are, you are indie enough for me.

Apply here and I’ll fix you a spot.


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6 months ago

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