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Donavan F. Walker

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The darker the world. The brighter a hero must be. This is the story of Samuel Bailey, an Earthborn knight known as the Star Warden. His strength with a sword only matched by the power of his heart. He journeys an alien world with a fairy princess at his side, battling the evil of a Dark Lord that has reigned unchecked for too long. Wherever innocent suffers and evil needs slaying. The Star Warden will charge boldly into the fray.

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OtherRealm Studio

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Stories, Art and Artifacts from Strange and Beautiful Worlds

SoulBound comic series

SoulBound is a ten issue comic series about Becca, a college student thrown from the world she’s always known into a realm of magic, myth… and monsters. There, she finds perils greater than she’s ever faced – and a love greater than she ever imagined. Though much in this world is beautiful and strange, she must find a way to return home, or risk losing herself in the void between realms – forever.

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